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The philosophical motivation for building this sort of exotic, bent wood, log furniture is to demonstrate the possibility of striking the balance between the natural attributes of a building material and the design of the product that is being built from that material, at a location closer to the natural attributes of the building material than is typically done. And I believe that environmental and emotional benefits derive from investing a greater effort to accommodate the natural attributes of the building material than is typically invested.

I rarely have time anymore to engage in this type of log work because I am researching and building a device to harvest kinetic energy from winds that blow at extremely high altitudes, and writing a novel as well.

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img074.jpg img099.jpg img042.jpg
Yellow Cedar Coffee Table Mounted
on Yew Wood Stump Base
Rocking Bench with Arbutus Seat
and Naturally Bent Western Red Cedar Backrest
Red Cedar Burl Tv Table
Perfectly Round Canada Maple Table Top
Mounted on Western Red Cedar Base

This is a ROCKING chair carved out of a flared red cedar butt. The armrests are made from naturally bent Glengarry Oak branches. This ROCKING chair was displayed in the Aboriginal pavilion for the duration of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.  The chair rocks by virtue of the fact that its entire bottom is milled to a very precise curve (whose mathematical description is technically a section of a spiral; with the radius of the curve becoming shorter toward the front of the chair)."
Flynn Burled Arbutus Bed

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